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Those we kill will get up and kill...

Rauðúlfr Trollskogen
3 August 1978
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By reading this journal you agree to surrender your right not to be offended.
By reading this journal you agree to surrender your right not to be upset.
By reading this journal you agree to surrender your right not to be pissed off.
By reading this journal you agree to surrender your right not to be unhappy.
My actions and words do not necessarily self-represent.


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acts of derring-do, aleister crowley, almonds, amon amarth, anarcho-dandyism, asterix, b3ta, bal-sagoth, barbarian wrath, bbqs, becks beer, being drunk at work, being high at work, big puffy hair, black library, black metal, blackadder, bombardier, bratwurst, bulls blood, chinese food, chop chop master onion, chopper, chow yun fat, chrono trigger, cinnamon, contrived spite, cooking, criminal damage, crouching tiger hidden dragon, cyber city oedo, darkthrone, deadpool, deadwood, devin townsend, doug stanhope, drone, drunken master, ecw, electric wizard, elmore leonard, entropy, faded celebrities, family guy, final fantasy 6, finntroll, fire, fred the potato dog, free money, fucking shit up, funeral doom, garth ennis, god of gamblers, good company, gordon freeman, gta, guitar wolf, haruki murakami, hednesford hot-dogs, hitman, horus heresy, iced earth, inappropriate humour, inhaling things, jackass, jackie chan, jasmine tea, jason vorhees, jeunet and caro, jim jarmusch, juke boxes, kaiju movies, kevin smith, killing brain cells, knowledge, korky the zombie cat, krieg, larry sanders show, lists of personal interests, lost horizon, louis theroux, magnificent butcher, man bites dog, mass-destruction, mead, metal, misanthropy, misfits, misfortune, mystery men, natural born killers, nazism, norway, norwegian wood, ohgr, pantera, past achievments, persistence, petty rebellion, piss-patch the beggar, pontification, power metal, preacher, priest, quaffing, roister-doistering, ruth, seinfeld, selective apathy, skullduggery, slaine, slaker, sludge, solitude, star bars, star wars, stealth missions, stone temple pilots, sunn 0))), taake, thai food, the blade, the life o riley, the moon, the sims, the smell of rain, the sopranos, the war on you, this other eden, tim the enchanter, time-travel, tony jaa, transmetropolitan, transylvania, trollishness, tsing tao, tuatha de danann, twin peaks, type o negative, useless facts, vikings, villains, walking-along-shouters, winter, wizards, wolf blass, wyrd, york, zombies