Rauðúlfr Trollskogen (bridge_troll) wrote,
Rauðúlfr Trollskogen

A Lightning Rod For Bastards

So here's what happened: like everyone else on your friends list I decamped to Facebook which is far preferable to blogging. After all, why compose a lengthy and deeply considered diatribe on the nature of whatever-the-fuck when you can tell the 7,482 people on your Facebook that you've just had an egg sandwich?

But you know what, Facebook just isn't as much fun as it used to be and here's why:


When I first joined FB, I quickly discovered that an awful lot of people I went to school with have turned out to literally be the worst people in the entire world. You can't judge a book by its cover but you can definitely judge a person when they almost exclusively join groups for people who like to fight at football matches and like to fight racial minorities at all other times. This was such a regular occurence  that I'm surprised that the greetings card industry didn't cash in with an entire range of "Congratulations! You Turned Out To Be A Racist Fucking Cunt!" cards.
Sadly, none of these people had much staying power and within a few months they'd all exhausted their repetoire of racial epithets and had got bored of arguing with other barely literal idiots on groups devoted to 'The Baggies' whatever they might be.

Having said that, the recent riots did bring out the right-wing fuckwit in just about everyone, including people who are usually quite reasonable and have probably never before typed words such as "rubber bullets", "water cannons" and "Hanging's too good for 'em". Who'd have thought that so many people would get so obviously sexually aroused at the thought of soldiers brutalising fourteen year-olds?


There doesn't seem to be the mass joining of certain groups anymore. You know the ones; either the "Oh NOES! God bless you Baby P, you are in heaven now with Mike Yarwood and Fred West!" and ones devoted to sex-pests and murderers where people get the chance to get all batey while writing things like "I can't believe how sick these people are. I want to gouge out their eyes with lollipop sticks, then insert them back into their rectums while fourteen rabid marmots chew their balls and the backs of their knees".
Even when groups like that do pop up now, they tend not to be public because people like me used to troll them.


Now I actually have to use my imagination...

And that's it to be honest. All FB is good for these days is charting which of your friends is going through a public nervous breakdown. Also: recording how many people de-friend you when you post something like "I just had four wanksover that picture of bald Gail Porter in today's edition of The Metro. Heil Hitler!"

So in conclusion - Facebook: It was sort of funny for a bit when everyone on there was mental but now it's shit. Heil Hitler.
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