Rauðúlfr Trollskogen (bridge_troll) wrote,
Rauðúlfr Trollskogen

Plenty of Sea in the Fish

So, I got to contemplating a bit.

Seduction capital - how desirable you are to other people. I'm not sure how men and women found partners in the Dark Ages, but we can assume that for the average shit-covered peasant it meant drawing on a pretty shallow pool consisting of persons of opposite gender in the immediate geographical area. Perhaps economic considerations or the wishes of parents may have played a role but even so, if you lived in a village of two hundred people, being 'a bit picky' would have meant dying alone.

Human nature being essentially unchanging there must have been a fair number of discreet liaisons and the heart wanting other than Hrod The Solvent-But-Uncomely. Still, even then the choices must have been limited. If the options consist of Aethelstan Pigraper or Blind Ken the Dunnykin Diver, you may as well elope with a herring.

Did the very option of there being a choice first occur among the upper classes? Presumably their social circles would have been wider and more diverse with each potential mate possessing Seduction Capital in abundance.  Even so, there must have been limits. Who does a lady choose? Lord Montcrieffe, a fellow with impeccable manners and bearing, from a long line of minor nobles who can trace their origins to the Kings of Bohemia or Sir Walmsley who owns all the bits of Scotland which don't stink of piss?

Even among such exalted company, there must have been a desire for more. More options, more choice. For decades people have gone to bars, clubs, singles mixers and joined dating agencies precisely to explore a widening pool of 'Possibles'.
Yes, you can raise your Seduction Capital by buying a new car and stuffing a courgette down the front of your chinos, but you can only raise your Social Capital by networking.

The rise of Social Networking would appear to have expanded our Social Capital to the infinite. Suddenly our options include every man, woman, celebrity cat and space alien with an internet connection. Now there really is someone for everyone.
Yet its not true. Now you have more choice but here's the rub: so does everyone else. It doesn't matter whether you have a social circle confined to your fellow abattoir-workers or one which encompasses the entire world, there are probably only three living humans who are prepared to put up with your shit.
If anything this devalues your Seduction Capital, unless Instagram have a filter which replaces your face with something more alluring, such as a dented tin of mouldy peas.

That's modern dating for you. The options encompass the entire world and unfortunately you're The Global Village Idiot.
Fun: I'm going to take advantage of this new-fangled option to share posts on Facebook so that my single friends can read this and feel bad about themselves. Yay!
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