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Rauðúlfr Trollskogen


I moved house.

Yes, after months of journally non-activity I have big newsy news. I moved house. At last. After 32 years dwelling in the squalid environs of Tipton I now live in the marginally less squalid environs of Dudley. If you don't know Dudley, it's pretty much like any other downtrodden Midlands town aside from the fact that it has a college, a zoo, a castle, a library, an art gallery, a world-class museum, extensive canals and limestone caves and a selection of genuinely fine pubs. I dunno how Dudley council lets all of this potential go to waste. What are they spending money on? Fags and Tizer?

We're not actually living in the house yet as it's barely livable-in but give it a few days and it may actually come to resemble somewhere where humans might make their dwelling. I might even take some photos if anyone gives a shit.

Aside from the horrendous mess, there's very little to complain about. When we started the house-hunting I had a pipe-dream that I'd like to live in a Victorian terraced house in Dudley...which is precisely what we've ended up with. I think I was very much inspired by my friends Richard and Stewart who used to live in a reasonably huge Victorian terrace in Wednesbury. I spent a lot of time there and (batshit crazy she-bitch notwithstanding) always felt really comfortable when I visited. I even lived there for about ten days during the horror of 'Wrestlefest IV: Children Of The Reich'.

There's something very private about such a place. The size of the place guarantees solitude, the thickness of the walls guarantee quiet and the fact that you can only have windows on two sides of the house guarantee privacy. Yeah, I know I'm a Morlock.

I'm looking forward to actually beginning a real life.
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